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A maker, photographer and designer.
Newcastle and beyond.


About me

Hey there, I’m Myf.

I’m a maker, photographer and graphic designer dedicated to producing rich and meaningful visuals that are a direct reflection of my client's goals and values.

As a creative, my aim is to create beauty, warmth and simplicity in every sense, from my design offerings to the relationships I build with my clients. My focus is on simple construction, responsible sourcing and authentic storytelling.

Through my work I get to meet new people, as well as help them achieve their creative goals. My talent lies in understanding my client’s unique vision and guiding them through a process of thoughtful design.

Whether you know precisely what you want, or you need a little help with the next steps, let’s get together





Homewares + Personalised Gifts + Event Favours + Branded Products


People + Events + Food + Interiors + Lifestyle + Places + Products


Branding Design + Printed Collateral + Web Design + Book Design 


Say hello.

Myf Garven 

M 0401 581 801



Your investment is quoted per project and is subject to your budget and the purpose of the work. I'm also open to trading my offerings for more creative forms of payment (whether that’s in goods, services or skills). Let’s chat!


With gratitude